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Generation 3+ (Commercial Gen 4)


These milspec goggles are specially built to our specifications by one of the World's leading professional and military night vision manufacturers. They are designed to meet the requirements for military, law enforcement, search and rescue, maritime safety, and hunting. Designed for optimum night vision capability, the ULTRA suffix indicates maximum possible device specification. Like all Generation 3+ devices, the ANV-HD45 image intensifier tube is a significant improvement over standard Generation 3 devices. The goggles are lightweight and extremely strong. The headmount is fully adjustable for optimum wearer comfort.

Key features:

• High definition tube:
The ANV-HD45 tube is specified to exceed all the minimum requirements of a modern, high performance Generation 3 tube. This is the best tube available on the international market. Each tube that we have tested has been exceptionally clear, with no artifacts, as expected from a genuine military specification tube.

• Black and White image (BW):
A P-45 White Phosphor tube produces a far clearer image than a green night vision device, because the displayed image contains the original full spectrum of light that entered the tube. A BW image isalso looks more natura, and has a broader contrast range, with increased definition, especially in shadows, and extremely dark situations.

• Autogated power supply (ATG):
Autogating produces the best resolution and contrast in varying light conditions. ATG safeguards the tube from damage, and protects the user from temporary blindness when exposed to sudden bright light. When subjected to bright light, the user can still see surrounding detail, without any interuption to viewing.

• Automatic Gain :
This feature maintains an optimum image brightness during changes in ambient lighting.

• Automatic Vertical Shutoff (AVS)
AVS switches the unit off when raised into the vertical position, and automatically switches the unit on when lowered for use. The standard package includes:

  • 1 ANV-HD45-ULTRA Night Vision Biocular

  • 1 Headmount

  • 1 Cordura carrycase

  • 1 Sacrificial window

  • 2 Demist shields

  • 1 Neckstrap

  • 1 Cleaning cloth

  • Instructions

  • Warranty card

The ANV-HD45-ULTRA has a limited 12 month warranty.



Very light and compact.



When in Auto Vertical Shut-off (AVS) mode,the unit power turns off in the vertical position, and automatically restarts the unit when in the horizontal position. In normal mode, the unit remains on at all times.


ANV-HD45_ULTRA with 5x lens

An optiional 5x CAT lens replaces the 1x goggle lens. This device can see through glass, and has a human detection range of 800 metres in suitable conditions.

Coastguard New Zealand

Proudly Supporting Coastguard New Zealand


Yukon - Pulsar

Archetype Precision Systems Limited are the sole authorised distributor for Yukon Advanced Optics in New Zealand and the South Pacific.


ANV-HD45-ULTRA goggle Specifications

HD45 tube specifications:

  • Tube type: GaAs
  • Phosphor type: P-45 black and white / extended contrast
  • Figure of merit: ≤2000
  • Gain: ≤59,000x (measured)
  • Resolution: ≤68lpp/mm (measured)
  • Signal to Noise ratio: ≤29.5 (measured)
  • Photocathode luminous sensitivity: ≤2520 µA/lm (measured)
  • Photocathode radiant sensitivity: ≤277 mA/Wt @ 850nm (measured)
  • Equivalent background illumination: ≥0.05 µlx (measured)
  • Autogated power supply: Yes
  • Mean time-to-failure: 10,000 hrs

Field-of-view artifact cleanliness (checked)

Spot size mm Zone 1 (centre), 5.6ø Zone 2, 5.6 - 14.7ø Zone 3, 14.7 - 17.5ø
0.075 - 0.15 0 ≤2 ≤2
0.15 - 0.23 0 ≤1 ≤1
>0.23 0 0 0

Goggle specifications:

  • Magnification: 1x
  • Objective lens: 25mm fully multicoated, precision ground, optical glass
  • Field-of-view: ≤42 degree
  • Focus range: 0.25m - infinity
  • Diopter adjustment: -6 - +5
  • Eyepiece interpupillary distance: 57 - 72mm
  • Exit pupil ejection: 15mm
  • Inbuilt IR illuminator: Yes
  • In-display IR indicator: Yes
  • Non-collimated IR power: ≤5W
  • Auto vertical shut-off: Yes
  • Manual gain control: Yes
  • Power: 1x AA battery
  • Battery life (with IR, without IR): ≤10hrs - 20 hrs
  • In-display low battery warning : Yes
  • Readiness start-up time: 2 seconds (measured)
  • Temperature operating range: – 50 - + 50 C
  • Body material: aluminium and glass filled polymer
  • Weight: 500grams
  • Dimensions: ≤ L-187mm, W-135mm, H-58mm
  • Dust and water ingress rating: IP67 (IEC 60529)
  • Shock resistance: 50 m/c2 (5G)


ANV 5x lens

Optional accessory 5x Catadioptric (CAT) lens converts the goggle into a powerful, hand-held bi-ocular.