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We are New Zealand's largest distributor of night vision and thermal imaging optics. We support our professional and government users with advice and demonstration samples for field testing before purchase. We firmly believe that it is essential to use and compare a range of optics so that choice is based upon experience not heresay.

Our systems are in use nationwide by many government departments, volunteer organisations, as well as many professional users.

We offer special prices to bona fide Coastguard NZ and Search & Rescue volunteers as part of our ongoing sponsorship. Other volunteers involved in community safety and the environment may be eligible for special rates. Please contact us for more information.

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Thermal Imagers

Pulsar and Guidir thermal imagers


Gen3+ (commercial gen4) night vision optics



Night vision optics Gen1, 1+, 2+

Pulsar Night Vision


Daylight binoculars

Pulsar Expert

Coastguard New Zealand

Proudly Supporting Coastguard New Zealand


Yukon - Pulsar

Archetype Precision Systems Limited are the sole authorised distributor for Yukon Advanced Optics in New Zealand and the South Pacific.